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What is included in the Open Source framework?

The framework is built on modern architecture, deploys serverless and is therefore highly scalable. The framework is full-stack Javascript and licensed under MIT-license.


Tools available in the framework include a researcher Dashboard, Administrative Cockpit, Submission Portal, Journal Finder, Workflow tools and more. Tools will expand over time.


Connectors available in the framework include integration with Crossref, ORCID, ROR, DOAJ, Journal Checker Tool, various editorial and peer review systems and the Peerwith marketplace.


Components available in the framework include pre-screening tools, external authentication providers, Single-Sign-On (SSO), upload of manuscripts or automatic ingestion from preprint servers.

Implementations of the framework

Below are few examples of how the framework is implemented and used in various systems.



Peerwith Researcher Dashboard

Peerwith’s Researcher Dashboard is the central place for researchers to organize and access services on the peer-to-peer marketplace. The Dashboard enables external authentication providers and SSO components. It is fully integrated into an ecosystem that inter-operates through open standards, based on primary identifiers. The Dashboard is the startingpoint for Researchers to connect with international, academic experts, aiding collaboration and improving the quality of academic work.

The Researcher Dashboard as a free, open source tool, can easily be used by publishers to create their own Author Dashboard, by institutions to create Institutional Dashboards, or by funders as a central place to organize data surrounding their grants.

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Data & analytics

Peerwith Institutional Cockpit

Peerwith can help researchers raise the quality of their scientific output to meet the publication standards of high impact journals. In our partnerships with institutions we connect researchers with thousands of international, academic experts and provide a simple payment solution. The administrative console is what we call the Institutional Cockpit. Institutional Facilitators use this to manage access, budget, download reports and have insight into day-to-day operations.

The Cockpit as a free, open source tool, cannot be missed in any solution for publishers, funders and institutions. It contains all the connectors and components one should expect in an administrative console.

Peerwith Cockpit source repository
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Submission portal

Peerwith Submission Service

As a standalone tool, the Submission service asks all the right questions to authors, before ingesting the manuscript into a sunsequent system for further processing. As an institutional tool, the same Submission Service provides you – the institutional facilitator - with data and insights on the submission space, across publishers.

The Submission portal as a free, open source tool, and can be brought in place by publishers in front of their existing peer-review & editorial systems. It will make the submission journey more user friendly and OA centric since it integrates well with our manuscript-to-article tracking system.

Submission portal source repository
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Peerwith Revision integration

For a major scientific publisher we built a revision workflow that would take the author at revision request, into the collaborative and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace of Peerwith. Revisions requests from journal editors are typically too complicated to handle by the authors alone and require help from experts. Peerwith fosters collaboration to improve the quality of scientific output. Once the improved manuscript is ready, it is automatically ingested back into the peer review system.

Out-of-the box integration of the Peerwith platform for expert-led researcher services with peer review systems (including ScholarOne) improve the efficiency of revision workflows, but is also a good example how we integrate expert service providers on a granular level into existing workflows..

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Few words from our users

Peerwith is a reliable provider of technological solutions. We have a team with a track record to deliver.

Working with Peerwith has been very rewarding: they offer a clear and unique concept, produce what is promised in a timely manner, and listen and respond to their clients’ wishes. I strongly recommend working with Peerwith.

Marti Huetink
Publishing & Program Director, Brill

The platform is easy to manage and I like that it supplies a direct connection with the expert. It makes it possible to select the best expert for the job, both in terms of costs and type of service. Excellent service for a fair price.

Wang Xiu Ying

Peerwith is an online platform which makes possible to connect with the expert that best suits my needs in terms of costs and type of service I need. Indeed, peerwith allows you to choose the experts specialised in your field of research.

Alesandro Giardi
Roma Tre institution

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